OneVue Super Services continues to grow, winning as a new client the ethical super fund Future Super, headed by Simon Sheikh.

After extensive due diligence, the transition of Future Super’s 4,700 members and $145 million in funds under management went live over the ANZAC weekend. OneVue Super Services will provide a range of member administration services to Future Super and its partner Grosvenor Pirie.

“As one of Australia’s fastest-growing super funds, Future Super is looking forward to working with OneVue Super Services to drive further administrative efficiencies and deliver an industry-leading member experience,” said Simon Sheikh, Managing Director, Future Super.

“We are passionate and committed to working to make it easier for Australians to switch their retirement savings to a fund which understands the importance of aligning their values and their money, and we see this new partnership as an important piece in our journey towards our goal.”

Future Super is an ethical super fund which does not invest in fossil fuel companies, or activities such as tobacco, gambling, mining, live animal exports and armaments.

OneVue Holdings Managing Director Connie Mckeage, said: “We look forward to continuing to build on this important strategic relationship with Future Super across its member services, pooled funds, institutional mandates and any new funds they incubate. And it’s nice to support a fund that resonates with our culture.  We admire what Future Super has achieved in the market and its rapid growth.”

OneVue Super Services currently administers more than $1.16 billion in Funds Under Administration and Management and services more than 87,000 members.

For further information, contact:

OneVue Holdings Ltd

CEO Connie Mckeage

0403 609 965 

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About OneVue Holdings Limited (ASX: OVH)

OneVue is a middle to back office provider of superannuation and investment management solutions. OneVue has a diversified revenue base across two operating businesses: Platform Services and Fund Services. OneVue was winner in 2014 for Best Online SMSF and winner in 2013 for SMSF Providers Premium Service. In 2015, OneVue was a finalist for SuperRatings Rising Star.

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About Future Super

Future Super is Australia’s first and only fossil-fuel free superannuation fund. Future Super’s investment strategy is to select companies that provide competitive financial returns and have a positive impact on the environment and society. This includes avoiding all companies directly involved in coal, oil and gas, as well as companies that provide support to the fossil fuel industry. Future Super believes that we can’t prevent climate change if we continue to invest in it. Since its launch in September 2014, Future Super has helped over 4,700 members collectively shift over $145 million away from fossil-fuel exposed super funds. To find out more visit

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