Sydney, September 28th 2015: The OneVue group has completed the pilot of its new platform LUMINOUS and the next generation platform will be available to clients from tomorrow.

It was conceived over 2 years ago and over the last 18 months the platform has been brought to life.

It empowers financial advisers enabling them to service all clients, including those customers who come in and out of seeking advice.

OneVue chose to build a new advice platform. We asked our clients to bear with us during the build and have now delivered market leading services.

“We know the advice industry will be delighted with LUMINOUS because it’s built to take more pressure off advisers in the back office and reduce paperwork so that advisers are freed to spend more time with clients. The foundation for LUMINOUS was laid by partnering with News Corps Eureka Report digital solution brightday. Brightday is now a finalist in this year’s SuperRatings awards in the best new product category” said Connie McKeage.

“We believe that Luminous is at the heart of supporting advisers in better servicing their clients.” said Ms Mckeage.

Key new features on Luminous for advisers and their clients:

Create family group reporting

Luminous allows advisers to look at individuals and family groups -this means that an adviser can look across the investments within the whole family/asset allocation/investment debt per family member. Great for advisers focusing more and more on estate planning.

Deliver CGT data – real time, real decision making capacity

The industry has grappled with accurate CGT reporting in the hands of advisers to model portfolios, plan pension payments and work with cashflow projections that can be relied on.

Watch your SMSF member balances – daily – individual data not just Fund data

“It’s hard to meaningfully use the word unique in the financial services industry these days but our SMSF member balance service is market leading as it seeks to capture every transaction for each member of the Fund,” said Ms McCallum.

Watchlists – keep the data collection by clients in clear sight of their advisers

“Our objective has been to make it easier for advisers to better service their clients with a new user interface, access to free research tools and quicker transaction times. Younger clients are building watchlists on various areas that interest them, including investments.

The LUMINOUS watchlist is a way to get them building such watchlists ‘inside the tent’ so to speak with their adviser involved to some degree,” said Ms McCallum.

Enter the term deposit hub – a gateway to a large range of term deposit providers fully integrated with the platform enabling you to view the daily accrued income across term deposits for each of your clients.

“Luminous is a revolution as it has been designed from scratch to allow advisers to engage more with clients. Our industry can now capitalise on the needs and speeds of the digital investor whether that be via an adviser or direct,” said Connie McKeage.

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