When reflecting on the challenges OneVue – like all businesses – has faced during the current pandemic, Connie Mckeage believes the most critical element has been the strength of its partnerships.

She says OneVue has been “so grateful for the partnerships we have, because they’ve demonstrated they are deep and meaningful that haven’t wavered during periods of difficulty.”

On the flipside, she also hopes OneVue is viewed similarly: “We hope to have proven ourselves to be a good partner during these periods of adversity, because it’s not just about technology; it’s about trying to create a sustainable working environment for our collective people to deliver to the end-member or end-investor, and you can’t do that all by yourself.”

Of course, part of being an effective partner during a difficult period is understanding and accepting that there are going to be periods of stress and discomfort. Mckeage is grateful for how OneVue’s partnerships have provided support through this time, and is committed to returning the favour whenever she can.

She adds: “A member of our team, Mary Turczynska, wrote a very insightful message touching on this on social media recently. She said: ‘One day I will look back when this is over and I will have a yearly reminder.

“Life is precious, people are precious and not to take the things and people we love dearly for granted. We all have so much to be grateful for. Be kind to one another.’ That echoes my feelings exactly.”

When considering how she hopes OneVue will be remembered when the COVID-19 crisis is over, she says simply: “I hope we’re remembered for caring more about the people and not just about what those people can do for our business.”

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